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Mike Molloy’s Reading challenge article in the raring2go magazine 2018


Mike Molloy’s Reading challenge is a brilliant, rewards based aid to encouraging home reading and grownups involvement for children in primary schools across the UK.
having spent a lot of time visiting primary schools all over the uk mike molloy reading was struck by the need to try and create something that would engage parents and carers as well as the pupils themselves and not simply rely on schools to do all the work.
The real catalyst for the creation of the mike molloy reading challenge was when Mike overheard a parent at a parents evening say to a teacher “well your the teacher so teach”
The reading challenge is based around the child’s reading journey over a period of time with star based rewards and certificates for milestones reached and school personal visits thrown in for good measure, the children will reach bronze , silver, gold, platinum and diamond levels during the course of their journey, which in some case will carry them all the way through to senior school culminating in a presentation at the end of the program.
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