Ruby Series

The Ruby and the Skinny Monkey series of books are aimed at helping children and their loved ones deal with potentially frightening, painful, worrying or possibly traumatic episodes in their young lives.
Having a beautiful hand illustrated, personalised book with a sensitive story, that can be enjoyed simply on its own merit or to help facilitate discussion around a specific topic has many positive aspects.
Firstly this is a completely personalised book with your child’s name, gender and own image, giving the gift of a personalised book is to give the gift of literacy to a child, children who see the book and story as their own and about them will read it over and over again.
Secondly having a book with a positive story that deals with all sorts of difficult situations, from a visit to the dentist or optician to the funeral of a loved one helps to both create discussion and acceptance of a situation that could otherwise be extremely disturbing for a young child.
Finally a personalised book is a beautiful gift to give to be kept as a keepsake for the future.