No stereotypes

With a clear understanding that a problem in children’s literature is stereotyping here at Rubys books we make a deliberate and determined effort to never use stereotypes.
children are all individuals with individual characters, no longer is it good enough just to have boys always being the hero or the baddy and girls as princesses who’s only part in stories is to be rescued, this cannot and should not form children’s opinions of a modern and forward-looking society, the benefit of having personalised books is enormous when contributing to putting aside stereotypes in children’s stories no longer do we have one character for each role but rather every single character out there in Kiddieland can play every single role within their own personalised book, The adventure is truly that they are the star of the show they are the hero all of them every single child who picks up its own personalise book becomes the hero.
Children’s personalised books not only help with literacy but contribute enormously to breaking stereotypes, this yet another reason for purchasing a personalised book for your child from Ruby’s books.