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The direct link between children’s literacy and personalised books

As an author and a dad of 6 Children, stories have always been a big feature in our household, an even bigger part of our lives for almost 30 years has been children literacy and personalised books and making sure that all of my children developed the same love of books that I have.

My Ruby & the SkinnyMonkey series of books came about as a result of one of my daughters, Ruby, having to spend time in hospital as a tiny toddler, having some of her teeth removed, children literacy and personalised books which was a very frightening and upsetting experience for her.

I wrote her a story about it so she could understand her treatment and what was going to happen better which helped her a lot to deal with what otherwise was a traumatic experience.
Since then I’ve written a lot of stories to help little children make sense of and prepare themselves for similar situations that might otherwise be very frightening for them, everything from their first injections to a trip on an aeroplane and just about every scenario in between.

These positive children’s stories are brought to you in the Ruby & the SkinnyMonkey series of books and now to make the stories even better for children the books are fully children literacy and personalised books with the name of the individual child appearing on the front cover and written into the story right throughout the book, you can even ad an image of the child on the inside front cover for that totally personalised book touch.

With more than 10 titles in the series you can be sure that there is a positive children literacy and personalised books story available for just about every situation that a child has to face.

With more titles in the series being added to because of customer requests every single week and month the Ruby and the SkinnyMonkey series is growing all the time.

Every time I visit a school to read to children I get an idea or a suggestion for a new story that will help children, not only with these daily dramas but also with their literacy, I have found that if a child gets a children literacy and personalised books with them being the main character in the story they simply will not put their new book down and pretty soon want more stories about themselves.

The gift of a children literacy and personalised books is the gift of literacy and will go on to become  a cherished keepsake.

Mike Molloy, is an experienced freelance professional writer and children’s author.
He regularly writes blog content on a variety of topics