Character colour matters to me and to children!

I get asked all the time why do I illustrate all my books for all the different coloured children I meet and to keep my answer as simple as possible all the children I meet on all the school author visits that I do promoting literacy, virtually every class has children of all different colours.[…]


Lessons in Creative Writing

Lessons in creative writing. Creating and naming characters in a story. Sometimes the story itself can flow quite easily, it can, for example simply spring from an emotion or an experience while out and about. Actually I remember an incident whilst I was out in my car which involved some people parked on the side[…]


Mike Molloy’s Reading challenge article in the raring2go magazine 2018

Mike Molloy’s Reading challenge is a brilliant, rewards based aid to encouraging home reading and grownups involvement for children in primary schools across the UK. having spent a lot of time visiting primary schools all over the uk mike molloy reading was struck by the need to try and create something that would engage parents and[…]